You need Flash 8!

an actionscript wrapper for the Flickr API

Flashr is an ActionScript 2 wrapper for the Flickr API by Kelvin Luck. It makes it easy to develop Flash applications to display and interact with photos on flickr.com. You do not need to worry about the XML that flickr returns, you deal in sensible objects like Photos, Photosets and Persons.

Flashr is aimed at the ActionScript developer who is familiar with ActionScript 2 and wants to make something utilising the Flickr API. No need to worry about XML parsing, your code will look as simple and readable as this:

function doSearch() 
    _flashr = Flashr.getFlashr();
    _flashr.apiKey = "b40e05adf210ad4c4cc4da00f99f4184";
    _flashr.cacheQueries = true;

    _flashrResponse = new FlashrResponse();
    _flashrResponse.onPhotosSearch = Delegate.create(this, onPhotosSearch);

function onPhotosSearch(rs:ResultsSet)
        _numResults = rs.photos.length;
        trace("Loaded data for " + _numResults + " photos out of " + rs.total);
        for (var i:Number=0; i<_numResults; i++) {
                var thisPhoto:Photo = rs.photos[i];
                trace (thisPhoto);

On top of that, you have things like automagically queued requests, optional caching of API responses and more. Flashr can be seen "in the wild" in applications as diverse as Mario Klingemann's Islands Of Consciousness, my Selfportraitr and Buck DeFore's Flappr as well as other stuff made with Flashr.

So - what are you waiting for? Download the sourcecode, work through the tutorials and check the documentation. Once you've built something cool then share it on the mailing list and I'll add it to the examples.