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New Flashr website!

19th March 2007

I am relieved and happy to finally be able to release this new version of the Flashr website. With a lovely design from my good friend Leigh Kayley, a new logo from Michael Fuchs and a bit of help from jQuery and CodeIgniter I've managed to get together a microsite which is nice to look at, nice to use and nice and easy to keep up to date!

Please have a click around and let me know what you think of it. I'm planning to update it soon by completing all of the tutorials and ironing out any issues which come up after it goes live... There are also some extra things that I want to do (for example add RSS feeds for the news and write the rest of the tutorials) but I'm happy with how it is for now.

The header swf grabs the latest 50 images from the flickr Colour Fields group and uses them to populate the first line and the first half of the second line. It then grabs letters from the flickr One Letter group and uses those to spell out the word "Flashr". And then fills the last row up with more colour fields. A simple but effective demonstration of Flashr in effect!

Because the header takes a little while to get going I decided that I didn't want the whole page to refresh when you click around on the site. So the whole site uses unobtrusive ajax to load in each pages content as you click around (if you have javascript enabled). This was made much much easier because of the wonderful jQuery library and the History/Remote plugin.

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