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Flashr 0.5 released

19th March 2007

After a long gestation period, Flashr 0.5 is finally officially released! Announced over a year ago, Flashr 0.5 has involved a lot of work. Lots of new functionality has been added, including but not limited to reworked more powerfull and sensible class structure, automagically queued requests, optional caching of API calls, optional query throttling (to comply with flickr's TOS), support for notes and comments and support for the new flickr geo location methods. Along with this, the code base has been used in a number of real world applications and bugs have been discovered and fixed.

So please download the new version and try it out. Contact me with any problems or questions or to spread the word when you have created something cool! Looking forward, flickr keep adding new functionality to their site and the API (like the collections they launched the other day) and I intend for Flashr to keep up to date with them. Flashr 0.6 will be along a lot quicker than 0.5 was!

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