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Psynchr - view a timeline of different photosets

23rd April 2007

Tatsuya Takagi recently announced Psynchr - a cool little app he's built with Flashr. It allows you to put in the URLs to different photosets and then shows them on a timeline where you can see when the photos were taken in relation to each other.

Really cool when you have a bunch of people taking photos at the same places like in the example below from a recent snowboarding holiday of mine (it takes a while to load because there is quite a few pics involved):

You need Flash 8+ to view this example

Note - it looks a lot better bigger - check it out fullsize. It's a good idea to adjust the scale (bottom right corner) to about 1 day and then scroll through to the 13th January (I went out a few days before my mates so there is just my photos at the start). For some reason the mousewheel doesn't seem to work in the embedded version so I recommend trying out the fullsize one...

Good work Tatsuya, it is completely new interfaces like this that were my motivation behind creating Flashr!

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